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Careers for Navy Nuclear Technicians – #1 Navy Nuke Job Resource

Thank you for visiting The information we will share is twofold.  First, for those who are considering a career in the military preferably the Navy, this will help explain the path to become a Navy Nuclear Operator and the skillset and education required if you are thinking of pursuing this career path.  For those of you who are already a Navy Nuke and in the process of transitioning back to civilian life, there is information on some careers to consider.  Many might consider the career path of Nuclear Power Operations management, however this power source is slowly going by the wayside in favor of renewable energy.  A very big demand for Navy Nukes at the moment is the Data Center Industry as you will find out below.

Navy-nuke-jobsMilitary Service is a great way to continue life after high school and college for many who are not sure what career they want to pursue. Keep in mind that the Navy Nuclear program is a six year program and an aptitude for math and science is required.  Only the most intelligent and hardworking candidates make it through nuclear engineering training. You will be part of an elite team that supervises, maintains and controls the awesome nuclear plant that powers the mighty US Navy.  The content below will add more explanation to what this program entails.

In essence, candidates with a Navy Nuke background oversee the propulsion systems of the United States Navy fleet of nuclear powered aircraft carriers and submarines.

These are three of the main positions to consider for a Navy Nuclear Job.

  • EMN – Electricians Mate (Nuclear Trained)
  • ETN – Electrical Technician (Nuclear Trained)
  • MMN – Machinist Mate (Nuclear Trained)


Here is a list of protocols required to become a Navy Nuke.

You can also visit these links at the Navy’s website to get more information.  – Video from navy, explains Nuke Program.

Per the United States Navy website, here are the qualifications and requirements to apply to the Navy Nuclear Program.

Age and Health

To be an eligible candidate, you must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen (dual citizens must renounce non-US citizenship)
  • Be at least 19 years of age and less than 29 years of age at the time of commissioning—waivers up to 35 years of age for select jobs may be available
  • Meet the physical standards of the Navy


Navy-nuclear-workCandidates must be graduates or students of an accredited college or university in the United States or in a United States territory pursuing a BA, BS or MS (preferably major in mathematics, engineering, physics, chemistry or other technical areas). Those still in school may apply as early as 30 months from completion of an undergraduate degree for Surface Warfare (Nuclear), Submarine, and Instructor positions and as early as 18 months from completion of an undergraduate degree for Naval Reactors Engineers. Applicants may also join the NUPOC program as early as 12 months from completion of a master’s degree for all NUPOC positions. Additional academic requirements include:

  • Completed one academic year of calculus
  • Completed one academic year of calculus-based physics
  • A competitive GPA and a minimum grade of “B” in all technical courses (minimum grade of “C” in all technical courses for Nuclear Submarine Officer and Nuclear Surface Warfare Officer candidates)

Some universities have developed undergraduate degree programs in nuclear engineering for graduates of the U.S. Navy Nuclear Power Training School.

For those veterans who have served our country in the U.S. Navy Nuclear Power program, first of all, Thank You for your service.

Navy-nuke-job-centerThe Navy has a service called the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) that provides information, tools and training to help service members and their spouses get ready to successfully move from the military to civilian life. A career in the Nuclear Power industry is many times a career choice for those leaving a Navy Nuke job. However, there is a general move away from Nuclear Power as the country and the world embrace more renewable energy sources moving forward and many nuclear power plants are starting to be decommissioned throughout the US.

One industry that has grown in leaps and bounds for many reasons is the Data Center Industry and has been a very hot job area for those leaving the Navy with a Navy Nuclear background. Data Centers continue to be built at a record pace.  Think about it, every time you use your smartphone for social media, use an app, watch a video, buy something online or at a store; you are being serviced by this stealth and incredibly essential data center industry. The pandemic has escalated our internet computer use for work, education and entertainment.  The industry can barely keep up with the demand to build more data centers which require specific talent in the area of mechanical and electrical engineering.

A military background produces a responsible, disciplined, honest individual. Veterans can usually be trusted in an environment such as a mission critical data center facility.  As a result, these vets transition very smoothly to a secure career in the critical facilities market. The ability to follow strict procedures and process can mean life or death while on the sub. They have the required attention to detail and understand how to follow strict SOPs and MOPs.  Expertise in understanding electrical, cooling / hvac and electronic controls systems is in very high demand in the data center industry and so the skillset of the Navy Nuke transfers very easily to the data center industry.


Here are some jobs of interest that you might consider as well as links to these jobs if you should wish to apply. Job opportunities like these are available in most areas of the United States.

Data Center QA / QC Technician – Nationwide, USA–QC-Technician/

Mechanical Commissioning Engineer – Nationwide, USA

Electrical Commissioning Engineer – Nationwide, USA

Data Center Facility Engineer – Nationwide, USA


Pkaza Critical Facilities Recruiting is a leader in Data Center staffing and has helped many military veterans land jobs in this highly desirable industry for 14 years.  You can visit our website at to learn more. Best of luck as you embark on your job search and Thank You again for your service to our country.

Peter Kazella – President / Owner